Our Brand Partners

150 years of loving baking

Griffin’s, New Zealand’s favourite biscuit bakers, has been delighting Kiwis' taste buds for over 150 years. Whether it is a seriously dunkable Gingernut or a truly indulgent ToffeePop, everyone has a favourite Griffin’s bikkie.

We're passionate about great tasting chips

We use only the best New Zealand potatoes, slow cooked the unique Kettle way and deliciously seasoned with the finest natural ingredients.

Making life tastier – whatever the occasion

We love food – the fancy kind, the precisely planned kind, the “I’ve got friends dropping round in 20 minutes” kind. We believe food should be celebrated and should never ever be a hassle. We’re here to help you rustle up the poshest of platters to the most delectable of dips. From our kitchen table to yours.

after more than 80 years, eta knows what kiwis love

Our delicious range has something to suit everyone’s tastes, including some of NZ’s favourites like Eta Ripple Cut and Thick Cut, Uppercuts, Munchos, Cheese Balls and Eta Nuts.

at nice and natural, we let ouR ingredients do the talking

Peckish? From newcomers like our Probiotic Oat Bar range to household classics like the Original Roasted Nut Bar and Protein Nut Bar ranges, we have your snacking needs covered

"New Zealand's Most Trusted brand" 10 years running! 2012-2021

We believe that best is always better. From the chocolate we craft and the ingredients we source, to supporting our staff and farmers all over the world.

Homebrand is a range of everyday household products that is great value for money

We are continually looking at ways of providing the best quality at the lowest prices on a total range of everyday items. The range includes dairy, meat, snacks and treats, along with cleaners and staple ingredients used in cooking.

SALT – Life’s most essential mineral

It is well known that since the beginning of time, salt has been a critical part of man’s life. It has influenced the location of nations and cities; it has been the cause of wars; it has given rise to a number of superstitions and religious beliefs; and, together with air and water, it has formed one of the three foremost ingredients to sustain human life.

Premium Health Beverage

OKF is a world leading premium beverage manufacturer.

Captured by nature

A necessity for the world’s population, pure water, uncontaminated and mineral rich to some equals, the value of gold. For NZ Drinks, it has fuelled a passion that’s driven the creation of high-quality product and New Zealand’s finest state of the art bottling facility.

For More than 80 years, pams has been the local brand that new zealanders trust

And it is a privilege to play and active role delivering value, quality, and care to our communities

Gilmours House Brand

Our aim is to provide you with top quality products at the best prices possible

your Favourite Weekly Staples

With Value you can pick up all your favourite weekly staples at everyday low prices, without compromising on quality.


Did you know that rubber thongs originated in Japan?